Similar experiences

Sustainability strategy and roadmap

We partnered with Casai to develop its sustainability strategy, which resulted in the referral of the organization with thematic specialists to promote enabling initiatives.

Developing an impact business model

We are partnering with MPS in its journey by becoming its own sustainability team: from understanding business opportunities based on the UN 2030 Agenda, measuring its GHG emissions inventory and a circularity analysis (alongside with our ally, Toroto) to integrate a climate strategy, and lay the foundations to strengthen social efforts and improve its external communication.

Diversity and Inclusion Workshop

Together with our ally, Olascoaga, we carry out awareness sessions about diversity and inclusion, with strategic content from industry players and competitors to mobilize Rotoplas’ inclusion strategy.

Mabe’s Social Welfare Model

Based on a maturity analysis, benchmark and the most relevant ESG standards, we partnered with Mabe to develop its social responsibility strategy, unifying its value proposition with business materiality, resulting in its own Social Welfare Model: linking all its stakeholders through adequate governance, high-value initiatives and relevant metrics to drive its social agenda. With the management of a community of practice and internal coaching, Living Companies is enabling the sustainable implementation of its model.

Driving collective action to advance Sustainable Cities

We are partnering with the working group for the SDG 11 (Resilient Cities) from the UN Global Compact in Mexico, to codesign the business guide for this SDG, under the analysis of best practices, development of KPIs, opportunities and trends in the real estate sector to drive business initiatives.

Impact Materiality

We partnered with Estafeta to identify its impact materiality matrix, based on a pre-selection of material issues (emerging issues, regulations, industry trends) and a comprehensive and multi-stakeholder consultation process.

Awareness workshop to include the social perspective in the banking agenda

Together with the GGGI, we held a series of workshops for the National Banking Securities Commission on the relevance of the social dimension for the banking sector, its role in transforming social progress, and the importance of its financial returns.

Double Materiality

We are partnering with GAYA in the development of its double
materiality: starting with its impact matrix (based on a preselection of material issues, emerging issues, regulations, industry
trends) and a multi-stakeholder consultation process to contrast
with the financial materiality of the company (financial risks,
budget allocations and innovation trends) and thus, conceive its
sustainability strategy.