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What we do

 We are the main source for corporate sustainability solutions: from the most simple to the most complex.


We understand business opportunities to create sustainable value.

We understand


We integrate strategies, tools and action plans into your operation to create a sustainable culture.

We integrate


We improve and scale ongoing initiatives.

We improve and scale


We communicate sustainable progress, accomplishments and benefits.

We communicate

Our experiences

We recognize companies as living beings, each with different journeys and pathways for sustainability. Our services, alongside with our allies, are built to guide you.

Living Advisory

Services to make your business model more sustainable.

Living Solutions

Products and tools to operate sustainability action plans and strategies.

Living Community

We build community within your company to foster a sustainability culture.

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Living Companions

Pilar Montaño Medina Mora

Impact Management Specialist and Change Designer

Pablo Laris Garcia-Urtiaga

Corporate Sustainability and ESG Specialist

Living Mentors

Andrea Borges Noguera

Impact Model and Strategic Evaluation Specialist

Mónica Muñoz Rodriguez

Communications, Development and Sustainability Advisor

Alberto Laris Pacheco

Corporate Strategy and Business Development Advisor

Enrique Bojanic Vidal

Corporate Performance Advisor

Living Partners

As a sustainability agency, we maximize our role as connectors: linking the best specialists with opportunities and needs with great potential for impact. We focus on creating and developing significant synergies that enrich the experiences of the Living Companies we foster.


Olascoaga is a social company and authorized grantee that promotes the creation of ecosystems to accelerate change that allow women´s leadership to mature and last in professional environments in the private sector.


Toroto aims to play a key role in the mitigation of global greenhouse gas emissions through nature based solutions, water, and carbon management solutions, providing a thorough and science-based way for companies and organizations to move closer to carbon-neutral operations.

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What makes us unique


We understand, guide and solve every business opportunity related to corporate sustainability.

The One-Stop-Shop for sustainability


Our solutions and services are aligned with systems thinking, creating real impact in companies.

We are catalysts of sustainable culture 


We believe in the power of community and collaboration, fostering a network of allies that integrates skills and know hows for the service of companies.

We are a collaborative agency


Our style is flexible and personalized. Our experiences are designed to be adaptive and follow business dynamism.

We recognize that companies are living beings in constant change


We value all employee’s input and build an architecture to evaluate the impact of our solutions under complete transparency.

We foster relationships based on trust

Living Companies' experiences

Grupos de Trabajo de la Agenda 2030 de la ONU

Living Companies is a key ally in advancing sustainable cities and communities. Their sensitivity, high level of engagement, move-forward capacity, systematization and follow ups, make these kinds of processes into ejoyable pathways.

Impact statement

We believe in all companies’ potential to regenerate our social, environmental and economic systems, and that everyone’s participation enables change in our business paradigm.

Motivated by positive changes, evolution through creativity and constant learning, we team up with organizations willing to transform our reality and use collaboration as the way to find simplicity, usefulness and agility in everything we do. 

We are passionate to foster and thrive through our community: the talks, ideas and connections that create spaces of possibilities to co-create the world in which we all want to live.

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